A bit about us...
Buddies Dog Training Club Bolton was established in 2003 by Karen & Gail. Our head instructors are qualified dog trainers & as a team we have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge to offer you.

All dogs are individuals and there are many different training methods and approaches we can use to cater for their individual needs. At Buddies we call on our knowledge & experience to achieve the flexibility to train you and your dog.

Let’s introduce ourselves
Karen has been running dog training classes in Bolton for 20 years and specialises in puppy socialisation and problem dogs.
Having grown up in a very doggy household Karen began a career with Guide Dogs for the Blind 20+ years ago working in the kennels, she then qualified as a Guide Dog Trainer in 1988 and became a Senior Guide Dog Trainer in 2000.
Buddy whom the dog club is named after lived with Karen for 15 and half years.  
Karen lives with a German Shepherd called Billy. Billy is very special: he and his brothers were hand reared by Karen when his mum Tipsy died during their birth. Billy has passed his Bronze & Silver Good Citizen Awards, maybe he'll get Gold one day!
In Aug 2016 Brian arrived. Brian is a Patterdale Terrier, a breed renowned for being difficult due to their strong hunting instincts. Karen is Brians 4th home! He was rehomed via Rossendale Responsible Rescue. In true Terrier style he has a Jekyll & Hyde personality, a sweetie in the home and a little so and so outdoors!
In 2009 Karen achieved a Professional Diploma in Education by successfully completing a teacher training course at Bolton University, with Dog Training as her vocational curriculum area.
Karen is also a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and has qualified with The Kennel Club as an examiner for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme up to Gold level.

Gail has been involved in dog training at various clubs for 20+ years. Having taken part in competitive obedience and being a qualified KC judge she specialises in advanced training. Ex veterinary nurse Gail is a qualified instructor with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and is also qualified with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme as an examiner up to Gold level. Gail qualified as a Guide Dog Trainer here in the UK and has just returned after working as Senior Dog Trainer for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. She has brought black Labrador Eadie back home with her; she and Eadie have trained and competed in Rally Obedience, HTM and agility. Eadie also worked as an ambassador for Seeing Eye dogs doing demos and appearing on media/TV etc using her trick training to promote the organisation.

Derek W instructs in our advanced classes.
Derek has spent nearly a lifetime living with, training and working dogs, starting with his first GSD before he passed his 11-plus. He trained his most recent Labrador Bailey to pass the Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards on the same day, followed shortly after by Gold. The family have owned, showed and bred several dog breeds over the years and have puppy walked numerous dogs for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Derek attended obedience training classes with the family GSDs, a couple of English Setters and a Cocker Spaniel (he likes a challenge) followed by years of training and handling his Labrador gundogs in working tests and in the field. He still has two Labradors from working lines today. (p.s. He’s also Karen’s dad!).
Ian is our Intermediate instructor.
Ian has spent the last 45 years with or around dogs, mainly German Shepherds. He learnt to walk with the help of a Doberman by grabbing hold of its fur as it trundled up and down the garden. (Do not do this at home!)
Growing up on the Isle of Wight there was always a German Shepherd prison guard dog in the house. As a kid Ian would go out training with the prison dog section and accompany their dog display team around the country.
On leaving school Ian joined the Royal Navy and trained as a marine engineer. He served 13 years and finished in 1996 after a 2 year post in Gibraltar doing search and rescue. He moved to Bolton in 2001 and trained as an operating department practitioner working in the operating theatre. He is now self-employed working at different hospitals where ever he is required.
Ian currently has 4 dogs; Lucy a 10 year old Dachshund, rescued in Spain when found with a badly broken leg. Smudge a 5 year old Australian Shepherd rescue from Germany. Monty the teenage delinquent, a young German Shepherd from rescue in the UK. Monty introduced Ian to Buddies. As if that wasn't enough he now also owns Ted, another young male GSD from UK rescue. Ted was initially fostered by Ian then rehomed but the new home didn't work out and he came back to Bolton and took up permanent residence at Ians.
Smudge and Monty have both passed Good Citizens Dog bronze, silver and gold, and Ted has passed bronze and silver and is now aiming for gold.
Ian also started up a dog walking group called ‘Wanderers of Bolton’ which can be found on Face Book. The groups members have a variety of dog breeds joining in the walks. They all make a donation at each walk and the money raised is given to a dog charity.
Katie is our puppy assistant.
Katie has a love for terriers and is currently owned by 2 Cairn terriers Bronnie and Barley. They have both had their own shall we say, unique and quirky issues which was the reason why Katie became interested in learning and understanding dog behaviour and training.
As you probably know, Dorothy and Toto followed the yellow brick road and found Oz but Katie and the Cairns followed Chorley Old Road and found Buddies!
Bronnie has achieved her bronze and silver Good Citizen Dog awards in the same week and is now working towards taking her gold.
Barley has achieved her bronze, silver and gold Good Citizen Dog awards.
Katie has also trained and competed with Barley in agility.
Katie has recently completed an Introduction to Tellington TTouch course which is a gentle approach to the care and training of animals  based on co-operation and respect for all animals and their people. T Touch can help improve behaviour and enhance performance and health whilst deepening the connection between humans and their animals.